Meubles design à destination des hôtels et restaurants.

For hotels and restaurants :

Quiso is the publishing company of the furniture of the designer Patrick Sarran for hotels and restaurants. The design is sober, based on ease of use, ergonomics, solidity and aesthetics. The pieces are made in small series in France, by craftsmen. The brand is known for the quality of its products, but also for its responsiveness, its proximity to customers and its efficient after-sales service.

Meubles design à destination des hôtels et restaurants.
Quiso, AMI


An effective object is only fully effective if it is also beautiful. Patrick Sarran’s furniture is a reliable companion for cooks, sommeliers, maître d’, waiters, clients…
In the course of exchanges with these people but also with cheese makers, winemakers, pastry chefs, the designer has created for them these beautiful and practical pieces.

Patrick Sarran, artisan designer

...and know-how

They are made of wood, metals, and resins… ancestral craftsmanship, cabinet making, wood moulding, workshop secrets… digital technologies, 3D design, file exchange, laser cutting and engraving, precision, programmable electronics…
and a lot of passion.

Quiso, Sweet Kit, Chariot à dessert noir