Meubles design à destination des hôtels et restaurants.

For hotels and restaurants :

Quiso exclusively commercializes the furniture created by Patrick Sarran for hotels and restaurants. The products, of a sober and efficient design, are made in France by experienced craftsmen and shipped directly to end users worldwide.

The collection is made up of cheese trolleys, dessert trolleys, champagne trolleys, modular tables, bridge armchairs, multi-service trolleys, infusion trolleys, liquor trolleys,…
Meubles design à destination des hôtels et restaurants.
Quiso, AMI


Born from meetings with gastronomy professionals, Patrick Sarran’s furniture is a reliable stage companion. The designer created them to ease and magnify the gestures that turn a service into a show.

In collaboration with cooks, sommeliers, maîtres d’hôtel, waiters, cheese makers, pastry chefs, he created these beautiful and practical pieces for restaurants.
Patrick Sarran, artisan designer

...and know-how

Patrick Sarran is also a cabinetmaker. His furniture is mainly in oak from the beautiful forests of Bourgogne, or in solid beech from the Pyrenees.

For complementary materials, glass, fabric, metal, electronics, the designer can count on the expertise of the best local craftsmen. The final assembling and finishing is realized individually in his workshop in Toulouse, for each customer.
Quiso, Sweet Kit, Chariot à dessert noir