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Undertakings of the website

The content of this website is in full compliance with current legal requirements, and in particular:

The French law on freedom of the press under which no text, images or sounds of a defamatory, racist or revisionist character may be published online;

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In accordance with the LCEN law of 22 June 2004, all persons named or designated on the website have the right of response. Application must be made to the director of publication no later than three months after the message warranting such a request is made available to the public. Such insertions are free of charge and will be made within three days of receipt of relevant requests, but they may not under any circumstances exceed 200 lines.

Law on computing, files and freedom of information and protection of personal data on the QUISO website

Users of the website must comply with the requirements of the French laws governing computing, files and freedom of information, any violation of which is subject to penal sanctions. In particular, since they are accessing nominative data, they must refrain from collection and from any unapproved use of this information, and in general, from any acts likely to affect the private life or reputation of the persons involved.

Limitation of responsibility

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Website hosting

The QUISO website is hosted by Agora Vita, 1 rue Paul Mesplé, 31100 Toulouse, a company registered with the Toulouse Chamber of Commerce under Reg. No. 424 097 525.

Right of access, modification, rectification and withdrawal of data

Users have right of access, modification, rectification and withdrawal of data concerning them in accordance with the text of articles 39 and 40 of the French law of 6 January 6, 1978 as modified by the law of 6 August, 2004. In order to exercise this right, you may contact QUISO par courriel or by letter at Société QUISO 240 route de Seysses 31100 TOULOUSE marking your mail for the attention of the “Personal Data Management Department”.

Messages sent over the Internet may be intercepted. Do not divulge any sensitive personal information. If you wish to send any confidential information to us we advise you to contact us by post.

Intellectual property – authors’ rights – copyright

The contents of this site are covered by French and international laws concerning authors’ rights and intellectual property.

QUISO reserves or ownership and moral rights concerning the documents used on this site, subject to the rights of authors whose works have been published on the site. Thus, all rights of reproduction, on paper or electronic media, are reserved, including rights regarding downloadable documents and images and/or photographs.

Visitors to the QUISO website shall not collect, capture, deform or use the information to which they have access through the site.

QUISO take legal action in the event of any attempts to misuse documents on the website.

Declaration to the CNIL

In accordance with the French law of 6 January, 1978, amended by the law of 6 August, 2004, concerning computer processing, files and liberty, as well as the relevant decree of application of 17 July, 1978 and article 43 of the law of 30 September, 1986, amended, this website forms the subject of a declaration to the French National Commission on Data Processing and Freedom of Information (CNIL)

All personal data collected is intended to supply users with the products and services offered on the website and will not be used for any purposes not set out in the legal text. To this end, the only data requested from customers solely concerns the information strictly necessary for supply of the product or service in question. In the event of an incomplete response or absence of response, users run the risk of not receiving the requested product or service. E-mails and nominative data set to QUISO are kept for a maximum of 3 years.


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