Designed by Patrick Sarran

Flambé cart for crepes suzette

This multifunctional trolley is compact, mobile, easy to handle and stable. With its two folding flaps, it is the essential tool for any gastronomic show in a restaurant. Restaurateurs love to use it to set up a buffet, serve a tartar, cut up a game, flambé,…

Flambé cart compatible with a standard portable gas cartridge stove. Designed for crepes suzette, the KM32 can be used for any other recipe requiring flambéing. Its large tray makes it easy to create flamboyant creations that will amaze your guests.

Standard KM32

KM32 in natural or black-stained oak with black or White Quartz top
Top in Quartz® Stone Italiana. Quartz® is a reconstituted mineral with a density and hardness similar to granite, and is scratch-resistant, stain-resistant and heat-resistant.

Customizations of the multifunctional trolley

Wood stain or logo branding are available upon request.

KM32 in situation

KM32 in Singapour Brasserie Astoria

Shipped worldwide in palletized cardboard box


Flambé cart for crepes suzette or other flambéed delights